eCommerce (15 years)

Oversaw year over year sales increase of 50% – 100% for five consecutive years through successful SEO, SEM, eMail, Amazon Marketplace integration, Content Marketing, conversion optimization, A/B testing and Affiliate / 3rd party marketing. (GregRobert Enterprises)

Deployed, managed and marketed over a dozen eCommerce websites.


Business Development (15 years)

Successful in 100% year over year sales increase for four consecutive years in the SAAS and cloud application area.

Success in developing OEM pipeline in (fuel economy / emissions fleet simulator)


Financial / Cost Control (10 years)

Successfully transformed the NAFTA ER&D (Engineering Research & Development) forecasting, tracking and alignment processes to optimize IFRS (versus GAAP) standards. Transformation was successful in notable P&L improvements through capitalization of resources.

Led the development and rollout of tools and processes to enable successful collaboration of resources and materials globally (EMEA, NAFTA, LATAM and APAC). Enabled reduction of outstanding statement of work initiatives by 82%.

Spearheaded process improvements that enabled vehicle engineering to realize a reduction of 16% in purchase service activities and reduction of 29% NPI (overhead).


Data Analytics (7 years)

Successful launch of data analytics model and application to predict ER&D costs for vehicle programs (ranging from $2M to $2B).  Model integrated and extracted data from historical SAP project financial details.

Led the design, development and deployment of CT-ENERGY™, a big data cloud application that automates the strategy to meet fuel economy and greenhouse gas regulations.


Team Building & Leadership (20+ years)

Lowered attrition rate of NAFTA Global Planning, Program Management unit from 33% to 3% in one year.


Automotive (20 years)
  • 15 US Automotive  (Electrical, Software and Powertrain) Patents
  • Walter P. Chrysler Technology Award
    • Recipient of the WALTER P. CHRYSLER award for alternate fuel algorithm development and implementation. Highest technology award possible at Chrysler saving $3B in CAFÉ credits over the next decade.
  • Product lifecycle and launch experience
  • Electrification, Autonomy and Cyber Security Expertise


Strategic / Tactical Planning & Execution


Software & System Skills
  • Quality: SWOT, DFMEA, Sig Sigma
  • Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, Email, Social, Content, Affiliate
  • Analytics: Qlikview, Microstrategy, Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Platform, SAS
  • Cloud & Web: Microsoft / Amazon AWS / Full stack web / LAMP
  • Web Services: SOAP & REST, XML, AJAX & JSON
  • Embedded Systems: C, C++, Assembly, Automotive SPICE, CMMI, AUTOSAR, ISO26262, Matlab, CAN
  • Distributed and Cloud Computing: Big Data, Hadoop, AWS, Teradata
  • Languages: Java, C, C++. Linux, Python, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery
  • Databases: dBase, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SAP
  • Methodologies: Agile, FDD, LD, RAD, Waterfall, SDLC
  • Development Environments: Eclipse, XCode, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Github
  • Software Security: VMS, Access control, Automotive Cyber Security
  • Emerging Technology: Connected Vehicle, Electrification, Autonomous Driving
  • Mobile: Android/ iOS


Global (15+ years)

Extensive experience collaborating with many regions:

  • 15 years experiencing leading application development teams in India, Russia and US.
  • Successful in defining and enabling cross-regional vehicle development teams in Italy, China, Brazil and NAFTA (US, Mexico and Canada)

Cyber Security (5 years internet / 2 years Vehicle)


Digital Marketing (15 years)
  • Founder and CEO of, an online digital marketing subsidiary of Nicayla Enterprises.
  • Deep domain knowledge of digital marketing strategies:
    • SEO
    • Amazon Marketplace
    • SEM
    • Programmatic advertising
    • Affiliate & 3rd Party Marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Conversion optimization
    • A/B testing
    • Metrics and processes associated with making above successful.


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